Wheel barrow; barrow; hand truck is a transport vehicle pushed and pulled by manpower. It is the ancestor of all vehicles. Although the trolley material handling technology is developing continuously, the trolley is still used as an indispensable handling tool. Trolleys are widely used in production and life because of their low cost, simple maintenance, convenient operation and light weight. They can work in places where motor vehicles are inconvenient to use, and are very convenient to carry lighter items in a short distance.

Trolley is a kind of trolley with small wheels at the bottom provided by stores, shops or supermarkets for customers to use when shopping in the store. Customers can use the trolley to transport selected goods, and then push the trolley to the cashier to check out.

The use of TROLLEYCART when shopping in supermarkets can increase buyers' demand on the one hand, and increase the seller's transaction volume on the other hand, which is a winwin resut.
Trolley cart has different specifications (such as single-layer, double-layer, hand pull, hand push, etc.) according to different needs. When selecting, it needs to be combined according to the weight of the loaded object and the size of the object. The types of Trolley Cart also include two wheeled vehicles and unicycles. In some rural and mountainous areas of China, there are wooden frame unicycles. The wooden unicycle once played an important role in the movement of supporting the front in China's war of liberation.

Trolley Cart is made of various materials according to different environments: stainless steel, steel, plastic, aluminum, etc. Stainless steel carts are widely used in food, medical, chemical and other industries. Steel carts are widely used in industry, storage, electronics and other industries. Plastic and aluminum carts are generally used in small warehouses, stores, shopping malls and other industries because of their light material and convenient carrying.
Trolley carts for different purposes have different body structures. Most of the universal four-wheel Trolley Cart has a cargo platform. Special Trolley Cart has many structures. Some car bodies are made into box shape, which is suitable for handling articles with light weight and easy loading and unloading; Some pipes and shafts are easy to extend out of the vehicle body; Some car bodies are completely consistent with the goods, such as gas cylinder cars; Some are very small, foldable and easy to carry; In order to facilitate the loading and unloading of barrel goods such as barreled liquid and paper roll, there are two flat steels on the car body to form a low inclined plane, so as to facilitate the rolling up and down of barrel goods, such as barrel goods loading and unloading vehicle. Modern trolley carts are equipped with rolling bearings, and the wheels are solid tires or pneumatic tires.

The anti-static Trolley Cart is made of stainless steel framework, wire mesh plate, steel column and anti-static nylon wheel. The four corner columns of the mesh plate are equipped with adjustment clips and adjustment grooves, which is light and flexible. The concave groove ring of the steel column is assembled with the protruding coil of the connecting piece every other inch. The required height can be adjusted and the characteristics of effective discharge of electrostatic charge can be adjusted according to the needs. It is fast and convenient to use. It is strong and durable. The laminates are divided into mesh and plate. The bridge structure has uniform load-bearing distribution.

Silent Trolley Cart is novel and beautiful. The use of synthetic plastic body and casters reduces the dead weight of the whole vehicle. The unique mute and transmission technology design makes the trolley walk silently and briskly. It is widely used in material handling industries such as factory area, office building, library, hotel, catering industry and logistics transportation.